The Top 10 Best Denim Jackets for Men in 2020


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Nothing says cool like the Denim jacket

Known for its versatility, if I had to choose one garment that would successfully accompany almost any outfit, it would have to be the denim jacket

Thanks to its timeless appeal, it's one of few clothing items which can be worn on consecutive days without anyone batting an eyelid. 

Choosing what to wear as the temperature rises can be a chore. So we’ve narrowed down our top summer denim jacket choices for you, take a look!

here is our top 10 best men's denim jackets:

Distressed Blue Denim Jacket for Men | Men's Jean Jacket | LEORICCI

1. Distressed Blue Denim Jacket

While appearing to be your standard denim jacket, LEORICCI has put their unique spin on things by including an Olive green band stitched on each sleeve.

Stylish and eye-catching, this relatively light jacket is ideal for a cool summer's day as a comfortable top layer. 

LEORICCI - $249.95

2Light Blue Distressed Denim Jacket

Thanks to its lightweight design, this denim jacket gets you through the day without the inconvenience of unsightly sweat patches. Perfect for beach walks its bleached light blue color, and distressed treatment gives that vintage look that's highly desirable. 

LEORICCI - $119.95

Light Blue Distressed Denim Jacket for Men | Men's Jean Jacket | LEORICCI

Who said vintage denim jackets had to be the color blue? This classic-fit jacket comes in black with handmade holes, giving that James Dean rugged look that so many men have aspired too. 

In addition to its unique design, its premium cotton fabric and construction is of the highest quality. 

Black Denim Distressed Denim Jacket for Men | Men's Jean Jacket | LEORICCI

This bomber denim jacket will compliment almost any outfit while keeping you fresh in the process. Quickly becoming a Menswear favorite, it's deliberate oversized back enables air to flow through you easier.  

Blue Denim Bomber Jacket for Men | Men's Jean Jacket | LEORICCI

Blue Denim Bomber Jacket for Men (LEORICCI- $189.95).

5. The Vibe Slim Fit Cropped Denim Blazer

If maintaining a tidy and smart appearance is a priority during the summer, then this cropped denim blazer ticks all the boxes. With its elegant three-button closure and slim-fit design, don't be surprised if you receive a few extra looks that day.

LEORICCI $129.95

Black & White Grid Print Short-Sleeve Men's Shirt | Men's Summer Short Sleeve Shirt | LEORICCI
Double Breasted Denim Blazer | Men's Fashion | LEORICCI

6. Men’s Double Breasted Denim Blazer

Although this denim jacket is highly practical, it certainly doesn't compromise in the aesthetic department. Combining two menswear classics into one, it successfully manages to elevate the art of layering, resulting in a truly stylish product.

LEORICCI $298.99

7. Distressed Heavy Denim Hooded Jacket

The only premium denim jacket on our list with a grey hood attached, this trendy addition has made it a popular choice for those who appreciate street style fashion. It's cool six front button closure at its center, and its different array of colors makes this a unique jacket on our list.

LEORICCI $149.95

Men's Denim Jacket with Hood | Men's Jeans Jacket | LEORICCI

Want to make a strong impression by turning heads when you walk down the street? If you ever thought denim was lackluster, then you may have to reconsider that notion after seeing this jacket. This black & white checkered masterpiece brings the wow factor to any social occasion. 

Checkered Denim Jacket for Men | Men's Fashion | LEORICCI

Want to be the ultimate stud with this studded and distressed denim jacket? Ok, bad jokes aside, this stylish denim jacket has an old-school feel as rips and holes have been deliberately handcrafted. It has a slightly fitted design compared to more classic fits on our list. 

Studded & Distressed Denim Men's Jacket | Men's Fashion | LEORICCI

This option is perhaps the closest thing to the quintessential blue denim jacket. Although simple in design, nothing beats the basics making this timeless jacket wearable for years to come. It's also among the most affordable jackets offered, making it a good option for all potential buyers

Light Blue Denim Jacket for Men | Men's Fashion | LEORICCI
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