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         One of the biggest challenges that men the world over have faced during lockdown has been keeping fit. With gyms closed and running tracks shuttered, many gents have turned to home workouts to stay in shape. 

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        Nobody wants to head back to work a size or two larger than before, especially with summer around the corner. But what do we wear during these "home fitness sessions"? It's no use donning those $250 running pants or your favorite Nike shirt at home – nobody's going to see you – save the pricy "fit kit" for the gym. So, what should you be wearing while breaking a sweat in front of the sofa? Old T-shirts and high school gym shorts won't cut it; besides, nobody wants to deal with that chaff. We discuss your solution to home-based men's fitness attire. Comfortable, functional, and stylish enough to make your neighbor remove their face mask when they spot you in action. 

What to Wear for Your Next At Home Workout?

        Putting on your regular gym attire may feel a little awkward when dressing for the home workout session. Most gym clothes prioritize how they look over comfort and functionality. Understandable, considering that you want to look great and feel confident around a bunch of complete strangers when training. But what about when working out at home and still having something to wear that looks good enough to head out in, is comfortable enough to relax in and functional as both workout and chilling at home gear? Check out some of these items below!

For that Lounge Floor Workout:

         Whether its push-ups or lifting home-made weights, work out in comfort and style in these 2-Piece Matching Terry Cotton Sports Hoodies with Matching Shorts. Premium French Terry 100% Cotton sweatshirts make for a comfortable session with handy pockets. A raw edge accent effect on the sleeves adds a touch of wicked style, and the hoodie will make you feel like a pro boxer.

          Beat the heat with matching cotton shorts offering all the functionality in the world. Cut above the knee, stretching is a breeze in these stylish shorts. Choose your favorite color style from 4 options: (Classic Black, Stylish Army Green, Clean Crisp White & Neutral Fresh Beige), or better still, kit yourself out with more than one set. 

For a Balmy Summer Day – Tank Tops

With soaring temperatures, and sunny skies, who can resist heading outside and into the fresh air? Blending casual style with premium activewear comfort, these tank tops are the ideal garment for some outdoor exercise. The drop shoulder design marries the convenience of a vest with the ease of a T-shirt

Created for comfort, the 100% Cotton Black Drop Shoulder Tank Tops are the ideal workout item. Sporting classic cuts with a ribbed knit crewneck and sleeves, send a message with the “Attitude” or “Noir” selections in black, matching shorts or pants for a slicker look. Go summer-style green with the “Esteem” Drop Shoulder Army Green Tank Top, sporting an oversized fit for the warmer mid-summer days, or cool off with the “Beyond” Beige Tank Top or the "Neutral" gray Tank Top, fit for any occasion with its casual style.

For Staying In, in Style:

Trade in those old tracksuit pants and questionable college T-shirts for the must-have 2-Piece Thermal Long Sleeve Top & Track Pants Joggers. The perfect “around the house” attire, this premium Waffle Cotton set will keep you feeling and looking great while maintaining heart rates at home. Great for those morning cardio sessions or evening garden sprints.

The elongated silhouette 100% Cotton Thermal Shirt boasts wide cuffs with thumbhole detail in keeping with the slick design. Ideal for taller and bigger guys, the side slits and back hem will keep you well covered. Comfort is the name of the game when it comes to the 100% Cotton Track Pants Joggers. Packed with all the necessities including high-stretch fabric, heat-retaining fabrication, and the perfect regular fit, these joggers simply ooze style. The double side strip in red and black or purple & black and functional zip opening on each leg hem makes them is an absolute wardrobe icon. You can pair them with their matching sleek & comfy long-sleeve thermal shirts for men: available in classic black, clean white, sultry gray or army green.

For Taking it Easy or Snoozing

When all is said and done, you’ve burned those calories and lifted your target weight, why not give your body the recovery comfort that it deserves? 

The Waffle Cotton Thermal Leggings Sleek Long Johns are perfect for stretching out and cooling down after your workout. The dynamic slim-fit design and tailored leg cuffs will put you to comfort in no time. The 100% Waffle Cotton embodies relaxation and ticks all the boxes on the luxury-feel front. Insulate tired muscles and relax in comfort in the Gray, White or Black Thermal Long Sleeve Top & Leggings 2-Piece Set

This matching kit is ideal for unwinding as the sun goes down or for that deserved afternoon nap. Choose from black, graywhite, or army green – colors to suit you for that perfect matching “chilling-at-home” set. 

Staying fit in style during lockdown

                 Let's be honest, some of us have spent almost the entire lockdown on the couch, staring at the TV, snacks in hand, and wearing the same two pairs of tracksuit pants for weeks. An extended period at home promised so much, only for Netflix to become our new best friend. Over this time, you've no doubt picked up a few pounds. Still, the moment will come when the lockdown comes to an end. You'll need to decide to get off the sofa and back to work, rediscovering that summer shape, sporting ripped abs, solid biceps, and hulk shoulders.

While most of us have become dedicated couch potatoes, others have been staying on top of their fitness game, turning their lounges into home gyms. With no fees to be paid, no searching for parking, no wannabes hogging the machines, and your very own shower to enjoy after your session, who needs the gym? (Well, OK, we can't wait for gyms to re-open). But in the meantime, home is where the gym is.

                  From lifting water weights to working out with their pets, guys around the world have been getting creative in perfecting that ultimate workout routine, all from the comfort of their own homes. You’d be surprised at how many home objects can quickly be turned into a piece of gym equipment.

Did you know that a 1-gallon water bottle equals over 8lbs of weight? Fill them with sand, and these water jugs can become killer weights too. Grab your broom or mop, place it between two chairs, and you have yourself an inclined pull-up machine. Take to the stairs to burn some calories, race the dog in the garden with short sprints, or grab a towel for a litany of bodyweight exercises. Just remember to put everything back and wipe down any sweaty surfaces when you're done! Gym etiquette still applies people!

But nothing beats the good old lounge floor. Sit-ups, pushups, squats, and cardio, your lounge can become your own private studio in no time. With a YouTube trainer on the TV screen, you may even burn more calories at home than at the gym, without all those pesky distractions.

                So, don’t “forget” to work out during lockdown, simply because you don’t have anything to wear. Gear up for some hard work as you get in shape and ready for those endless summer days ahead. We’ll all be free soon and emerge into a new world – why not make sure that you look good while doing so? Get creative at home while staying fit. Shut off that TV and get busy getting ripped. 

Be the guy who waltzes into the gym looking fantastic, much to the envy of all those lockdown snack food victims. You’ve got a whole household of ready-to-use gym equipment just lying around. Get the kids involved, develop that routine, and kick off the work in comfort and style.

Make sure you’re doing so in the right workout gear. After all, the work doesn’t stop once lockdown does.

                When the gyms reopens safely, you can go back to your full workout gear. Here is a selection of our best workout clothing for men:

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workout from home in style with these "chill" workout gears

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